Living The Dream.

“I’m living the dream” is one of my favourite replies when someone asks me “How are you?”. I probably don’t say it enough.

But when I do, I’m always amused by the response and looks I get…it’s almost like “Wow, what are you sniffing, I want some…”

Why is that? Is it that out of character if we are actually living our dream; am I in the minority?  My life is far from plain sailing. The responsibilities I have are great. The decisions I make effect many. The challenges I face are as great as the challenges you face. I am as human as anybody else facing the same life issues.

But in all, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The happy times are happy, the challenging times are times of growth and learning. With all its issues, life really is ok. At the start of a new day, we must realise that yesterday really did end last night, today is a new day, and tomorrow….anything can happen and it probably will.

You can live your dream life too…right now….even if you’re broke, busted and disgusted. It’s a perspective. It’s a decision. It’s a mindset.

Never forget that dreams do not have deadlines.

I believe that success in and of itself will not bring happiness. But happiness….happiness will always bring success. Society says once I’m successful I’ll be happy. Really? Ask some really successful people how happy they are. Movie and music stars commit suicide or overdose or self-abuse. Happy? Really?

No, society has got it wrong, success won’t necessarily bring happiness, but happiness will bring success. So live the dream, because I know you won’t be happy until you do.

To quote a famous Australian talkback radio host, “Keep the dream alive!”

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