“Normal is…

..nothing more than a cycle on a washing machine.” – Whoopi Goldberg

To get abnormal results, you have to commit to do abnormal and be abnormal.

I’m abnormal. So was Steve Jobs. So is Barack Obama. So was Einstein. So was Henry Ford. You can be too.

There is no way we can achieve any kind of success or a different result that’s better than what we have now, without being absolutely ridiculous in making sure we get where we want or need to be.

This isn’t just about money. This works in our relationships – making efforts to date and mate your spouse and treating each other like King and Queen, in business and career, in money, in health and mental fitness.

If you can live like nobody else now, you will live like nobody else later.

To get something you’ve never had or want to have, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. Step out of your comfort zone and step into your destiny.

Forget normal; it’s overrated. Be weird.

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