I’ll Have What She’s Having!

Yeah, my wife and I live above average. We are extremely blessed and it is ONLY by the grace of God.

People judge us for that at times, and they want what we want, or think we shouldn’t have what we have or live how we live.

But what they didn’t see or experience was how we went broke first so we can learn some lessons and do it better next time; what they didn’t see was how we didn’t pay ourselves the first couple of years when we started our current company; what they didn’t see was the 18hour days I put in daily when I was the only employee when we first started this company.

We did the hard yards first because we could see where we could be if we stay committed. It’s easy to judge & to envy what someone else has or can do, but it’s very true that the only place “success” comes before work is the “dictionary”.

That person debt free – hard work. That person with the gold medal standing on the podium – hard work. That person with the successful business – hard work. That person with the best marriage – hard work. That person with the great kids – hard work. That person with the degree – hard work. Get my drift?

It is unescapable. If “you’ll have what she’s having” – you’ve got to be prepared to go through what she went through first, to have it…

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