Do You Have A Sight or A Vision Problem?

I am a fan of vision casting. If you ask my Exec Team, they’ll tell you that the vision I have for our company is far greater than our resources. That’s healthy. Like I said to them the other day, complacency can be a curse.

Casting vision isn’t just for businesses though. We should cast vision, or have goals, for our marriage/relationships, our finances (being debt free), our careers, our holidays, assets, etc. If we are where we are the same time next year, then we haven’t really moved forward; we’ve just extended our year!
BUT, there is one rule to casting vision: “Vision is compromised when you have an “i” problem”

Whatever you do now & moving forward, it should not just be about “I”, but your goals, your cause should be about others. How can you add value to others by you moving forward?

Otherwise your plans will implode…(nb: “implode” coincidentally begins with an “i”).

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